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About Merishausen

Living Well in Merishausen

Merishausen is a picturesque village with a population of about 800, set between the hills of the "Randen". The intact natural setting, good infrastructure and friendly residents contribute to making it a comfortable place to live.

Situation / Geography

Merishausen (534 m.a.s.l.) lies in hills of the "Schaffhauser Randen" (700-900 m), some 8 km north of the city of Schaffhausen. Driving time to the city is about 10 minutes. In terms of area, Merishausen is the fourth largest township in the canton of Schaffhausen; 955 of its 1‘757 hectares is wood-covered.

School / Education

The local school provides classes from Kindergarten through secondary school levels. Physical education classes are conducted in the community's multi-functional building complex that includes gym hall and sports field. Several positions for vocational training are available in the local businesses.


With its two groceries/bakeries, a small agro-/garden-centre ("Landi"), branch bank, post office, two garages and various businesses and trades, Merishausen has a sound infrastructure.

Growing old in Merishausen

Senior citizens find excellent support in Merishausen. There's a Spitex-office (mobile and stationary health care) as well as a regional Pro Senectute information centre. Both are located, along with a daytime coffee room, in the recently opened apartment building specifically designed to meet senior citizens' requirements.

Natural Countryside / Nature paths

Merishausen is famous for its biodiversity and lovely, as well as some rare, flora and fauna. It is one of the most important research regions in Switzerland for botanists and naturalists. Of the 3000 known varieties of flowers and ferns, 939 are found in Merishausen. Many are on the "red list". 50% of the bird species that reproduce in Switzerland and 40% of the butterflies are native to the "Randen" region.

Four separate, well-marked nature paths lead the hiker through the varied and diversified "Randen" countryside. Along the way, panels provide information on 30 different topics concerning the characteristics of the immediate habitat. Everyone needs to experience the beauty and diversity of Merishausen's nature for themself.

Affordable and Attractive Building Sites

In 2002 Merishausen considerably expanded the zones for building private homes. Land prices are very competitive. More information can be obtained from the municipal office or you can check the Real Estate Database.

Leisure / Culture / Sport

Residents can choose from a wide range of leisure-time offerings. Fourteen clubs cater to interests from sport to music and folklore. There is an active community social life. Local clubs have a wide-spread reputation as excellent organizers of large festivals and events.

For those who prefer the outdoors, the lovely countryside right at the doorstep provides opportunities for short walks, long hikes or even horseback rides. There are more than 120 km of well-maintained roads through forests and open fields to entice and challenge both beginners as well as mountain bike enthusiasts.

On warm summer days, residents can cool off in the communal swimming pool, just outside the village.

Snow on the "Randen" hilltops makes cross-country skiing, snow-shoing and hiking tours pleasurable passtimes in winter. One of the streets up into the hills is then closed to traffic and opened for sledding.


You can find further information about our beautiful "Randen" community at the municipal office.